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72 Hours in Berlin, Germany Part I

Last month, I rather spontaneously went to Berlin. The main reason was that I wanted to watch the recording of one of my favourite TV-shows, and as it was just the weekend of Mother’s Day, I was not able to find anyone who would go there with me. But I decided not to let me be stopped by this and went alone. So now let me start right away with everything I’ve done during my three days in the German capital.

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Solo Travel in Australia Part II: Sydney, New South Wales

Despite what my friend told me, I had already enjoyed Brisbane very much, so when she told me Sydney was going to be way better, I had pretty high expectations. Due to a tight time schedule, I had about 5 days to spend there with my friend until I would continue my journey alone. Even though Sydney is the most popular of all Australian cities, it is not the capital of Australia, but still, it feels as if it were.

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Solo Travel in Australia Part I: Brisbane, Queensland

Australia was my first big trip alone, and by far the farthest I went away from home. But that's quite obvious, given the fact that there are hardly any places farther away from Europe than Australia. Of course, I was nervous before my trip. Would I be okay being completely alone? Would I get lonely? Would I be able to find anyone taking my picture? I was very uncertain, so when the day came, I had mixed feelings.

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