The idea for Alps and Abroad was born in the summer of 2018, when two friends were discussing their favourite trips so far over a glass of Lillet Rosé in a small café in Innsbruck. They had been talking about all of the trips and adventures they wanted to go on in the near future, about restaurants they still needed to visit, places they wanted see, activities they wanted to do, when they thought about creating a space on the internet, where they could share all of this with the world. The one glass of Lillet Rosé turned into many, their dreams and hopes into concrete ideas, and those ideas finally turned into a plan. Alps and Abroad was born.

Those two friends are Natascha and Sophie, two girls living in the heart of the Alps, studying languages and dreaming of travelling the world. They created this little online space as a way to reach people and share their passions with them. 

Alps and Abroad is a website for anyone who is interested in travelling, nature, sports, food and culture. Natascha and Sophie write all about life in and around Innsbruck, Tyrol and Austria, what to do and what to see, where to go and what to eat. They also talk about their travels to other countries and continents, post about their adventures and experiences, create travel guides for all kinds of occasions, and share tips, tricks and advice on various lifestyle and travel related topics.