Natascha, 22

I'm Natascha, 22 years old and living in Tyrol in the heart of the alps. I was born in Vienna but moved here many years ago and have to admit I've never been happier, living in a teeny tiny apartment in the city centre of Innsbruck. I am a translation student at the University of Innsbruck and speak German, English, Italian, a tiny little bit of Chinese and currently I am starting to learn Russian and Portuguese - so you can easily tell I am a language lover. I've always seen languages as a key to getting to know the world and different cultures in depth.

I wouldn't describe myself as a mountain kid or a city lover, but something in between, also I get restless if I'm stuck in the same place for too long. I hope I'll be able to show you around a bit in my world and maybe draw attention to places and cultures that aren't always the first ones to pop up in your head. For me my favourite country ever and the place I definitely left my heart at was without doubt Japan and I'd generally say the more different a culture is, the more interesting it automatically gets for me.

I think the main goal in life should be to live a life that makes you happy and I hope that one day I'll be living a life that allows me to combine all these different little aspects I love.

Oh and one funny thing I have to admit - I'm the pickiest person ever in terms of food, so if I tell you something tastes great you better believe me ;-)

As you can read in ‘About the Blog’ we originally started in two. Read on to find out something about Sophie, who founded the blog with me.

Sophie, 21

I’m Sophie and I’m a 21-year-old living in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck is located in the middle of the Alps, surrounded by incredible mountains and breath-taking nature and environment. In my spare time, I like to do lots of things like hiking, skiing, going for a swim, visiting art galleries and museums, meeting friends for a cup of tea or going out for dinner. Sometimes, when I feel more like relaxing, I also enjoy reading a good book, trying out some new recipes, or having the occasional night in binge-watching a show on Netflix.

When I am not out and about, I am at the LFU university, where I study translation and interpretation. The languages I study are German, English and Russian, but I am also getting started in Arabic and want to revive my, by now a bit rusty, Italian. One of the main reasons for why I chose this path of study is, besides my love for languages of course, my fascination with culture and my obsession with travel. No matter if I have to fly 27 hours to the other side of the world, or if it takes me only 10 minutes by car, I love to explore and get to know different places, their people and their cultural inheritance. Some of my favourite places I have been to are England, Oman and Hawaii.

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