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Northern California: From Redwoods To Vineyards

Happy Friday and hopefully you are as ready for this blog post as you are for the weekend. Last week I told you as much as possible about Oregon, my all-time favourite US state, this week we’re headed on to California. As you might have noticed, these blog posts are getting longer and longer along the road trip, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s get right into it.

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Forests, Beaches, Cliffs & Seals: Mt. Saint Helens & Oregon

Welcome back on the blog and welcome to a new blog post. As you might have noticed, this blog post did not go live on Thursday but on Friday and from now on it will remain this way. But now let’s head right into the topic and pick up where we left last week. In the previous blog post, I told you everything about Whale Watching near the San Juan Islands, but of course, this was not the only thing on the itinerary of the road trip regarding Washington, and I’ll tell you everything about the most beautiful places in Oregon as well.

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