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Road Trip through the USA: A Little Update

This is the first blogpost, since Sophie has left the blog and I’m pretty sure some of you might be wondering, if we hate each other now? Well, definitely not. To be honest, our friendship is currently better than ever. And we’re both so excited about the upcoming road trip – and some other travels in between. Our vague planning of the trip developed into something more specific, which is why it’s time to give you a little update. About two weeks ago, something great happened – we finally booked our flights. Before doing so, we already had planned a little draft of our route and we took various airports in consideration.

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Road Trip through the USA: 1 Year from Now

The same day the idea for Alps and Abroad was born, we also came up and started planning our biggest trip so far. We're not sure what came up first - you could say one thing lead to the other. We were just talking about different kinds of trips we want to go on in the future and all of the things we want to see and discover. Very quickly, all sorts of ideas started to come together into one: Why not fly to America and go on a big road trip through the North-West of the USA? Why not take about 4 to 5 weeks off next summer and visit most of the national parks and big cities on the west coast? We know that trips like this one require a lot of precise planning and preparations, so we started right away. We also want to bring you along with us and show you how to bring a project like this to life and what to do and what not to do when planning a trip like this.

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