Dedicate – 30 Days of Yoga

I think it was about three years ago that I tried yoga for the first time. For me, it was love at first sight. At first, I didn’t know how to start, but then I found Adriene Mishler’s YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene” and she showed my exactly what to do. With yoga, I had the freedom to whatever I wanted to do on that mat; I could fit a workout in when I wanted to, I could focus on flexibility, I could just meditate and move my body in a way that feels good. But then I fell out of the habit. I stopped doing yoga on a daily basis. At first, it became every other day; then weekly; then, maybe, if even, once a month, until I stopped completely. 

When 2019 came around, I set myself the goal to start it off in a way that would benefit me. I wanted to create new, healthy habits. And when I found out that Adriene was doing another 30-day-yoga-challenge, I knew that this was the one. This was my chance to commit again and start over. This was my chance to dedicate. And I did.

After months of not having been on the mat, I needed the first few days to get back into it and get used to doing some exercise again. I was about as flexible as a rock and the strength in my arms and legs had completely disappeared.

However, I stuck with it and, for the first time ever, I managed to complete this challenge and do yoga for 30 days straight! Today is the last day of the challenge and I am so sad it is over, yet I will continue doing yoga on a daily basis, for sure. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am. Also, I have noticed some significant changes and I want to share those with you now:

Firstly, my abs are (not entirely, but almost completely) back. Not that I was super out of shape before that, however, I do like it when my stomach is a little more toned and I feel strong in my core. And not only my abs came back. My arms and legs, too, have become a lot stronger.

Besides strength, another thing that gradually came back was my flexibility. I am still working on this one, because it is not something that should be rushed or forced due to the danger of injuring yourself. Like Adriene says: “Find what feels good!”

The biggest change and improvement I have noticed is a mental one. At the moment, I am in the middle of my exams and simultaneously working on my bachelor thesis (which has to be handed in by 12 February and there is still so much more I need to do), so I am really busy all of the time. Doing yoga and meditating more has helped me immensely in staying calm and not losing it when confronted with so much work.

Doing yoga on a regular basis is something that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I will most definitely continue doing yoga every single day. If you are also interested in doing yoga, I will link Adriene’s channel and the 30-days-yoga-challenge down below. 

- by Sophie Grienberger