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Renting A Car In The United States As A European

Welcome back to the blog after a little “summer break”. It lasted a bit longer than I initially expected it to, but with all the travels, there was not as much time left as I anticipated. But now, summer is (nearly) over, and I’m ready to start again. The list of blog posts in the making is long, as is the list of things I experienced this summer, so I decided to use my time waiting for my flight to depart from Seoul, South Korea to bring me home and start right away. The biggest tip of this summer – and my life so far! – was undoubtedly the road trip through Western America. I made lots of experiences, and I value them all, good and bad. It was the first time I ever rented a car abroad (despite one time in Italy, but that was only for a few hours, so it does not really count) and there are a few things I noticed in the US.

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