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Road Trip Through Southern Italy – From Lecce & Alberobello, Puglia To Matera, Basilicata

Happy Thursday and welcome back on the blog! Last week, I decided to take a little break as it’s been quite stressful coming back from my travels, prepare blogposts and additionally, I was a bit sick, or at least not feeling my best after rushing from one place to another. But today, I am back with the final part about my road trip through southern Italy last year.

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Road Trip Through Southern Italy – Naples, Campania

I might start with the most important fact – no, Naples is not particularly safe regarding pickpockets and getting robbed. Also, I wouldn’t recommend driving in the city, as I did and even though I was used to the Italian way of driving, it was the most horrible experience you can imagine. Rules simply did not exist on the streets. But I guess that’s what makes Naples unique.

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Buongiorno Italia! Bella Roma Part I

All roads lead to Rome, right?

Well, I'm pretty sure you can imagine, that during my semester abroad in Italy, I frequently went to Rome, not only because it's a beautiful city and I have never been there before, but also because one of my best friends was doing her semester abroad there. When brainstorming on what places I should recommend you, my first thought was 'Everything?!' and therefore, this will only be part one of my series about the beautiful Italian capital.

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