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Scotland: The Highlands

Welcome back to my little Scotland series. Somehow, the last part of a travel series is always the hardest to write and the one I am delaying the longest, because as soon as it’s over it’s over and I don’t have any more excuses looking at the taken pictures the whole day. But all good things come to an end, right? So, this time, I’ll be talking about the tour through the Scottish Highlands I was on for the last day I spent in Scotland.

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Scotland: Edinburgh’s hidden gems & a daytrip to Glasgow

I was very glad to see you enjoyed the first part of my travel guide to Scotland that much, and I can’t wait to tell you even more. Last week, I focused on the main tourist attractions in Edinburgh and today I will tell you more about some spots in the city you might not have heard too much about. I’m also going to tell you a bit about Glasgow, the second largest city of Scotland.

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