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Vienna - Christmas Markets

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know, that a little over a week ago, Sophie went to Linz. On Sunday, however, she went to Vienna to visit a friend whom she first met when she was in Hawaii last year. Vienna is such a magical city, especially during the holidays. Since there is so much to see there, they had a pretty busy day exploring all kinds of Christmas markets and sights.

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Edinburgh - Christmas Markets

This week, I went to Edinburgh with a friend to visit a friend who’s studying there for a year. It is my first time in Scotland, but definitely not my last one. Even though the journey to Scotland was a rough one, due to flight delay and storm during touchdown, we decided to go to the Christmas market right away after dropping of our bags and also during the rest of our stay we went there nearly every day until now. 

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Salzburg - Christmas Markets

As you might have already noticed, right now we are exploring some of the Christmas markets in Innsbruck and cities close by. So, two weeks ago, we went on a little road trip to Salzburg, a quite well-known city, also known outside of Austria, mostly because of The Sound of Music or Mozart. From Innsbruck, Salzburg is easily reached within 2 hours by car, so it makes for the perfect day trip destination.

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