Changing Things Up and Saying Goodbye


Over the last few weeks, there hasn’t been much going on either here on the blog or over on Instagram. There is a reason for that, so we have decided to tell you a little bit about that in today’s post. 

When Natascha and I started working on this project in early 2018, we were two really close friends spending every other day, if not every day, with each other, no matter if it was to go on an adventure, have a drink in a bar, or study for university. Since then, we have been fitting the blog and all of the work surrounding it into our already packed schedules. Over time, however, things got a little more complicated as life got busier and a weird distance between us started to form. Unfortunately, we noticed this way too late. By the time we did recognize what was happening, however, a huge tension between us had already built up. We didn’t talk as often as we used to, we even started to stop telling each other important things about ourselves and our wellbeing. Work got mixed up with private things and our private lives and there was no way to tell them apart anymore, so whenever we met or wanted to meet, there was always this weird feeling in the air, hanging above us like the sword of Damocles. And yet, all this time, we never talked about what was going on.

Not too long ago, after going through a bit of a rough patch, we met over a lovely cup of tea and a curcuma latte. Seconds and minutes of awkward silence finally turned into minutes and hours of talking about everything that had been going on. It felt great. To me, it felt like someone had turned back time to the beginning of 2018, when we were just friends and not business partners. And I realised how much I missed this. This is when I made a heart breaking, but necessary decision:


I have decided to take a step back from Alps and Abroad for personal reasons. Truth be told, this is probably the most difficult blogpost I have ever written, as I am quite emotional as I am writing this. I love blogging and I know that I want to keep going, but right now I realise that it is best to take a break. I have been going through some personal difficulties as well and ignoring them and just smiling, saying “I am fine; everything is good.” isn’t the way to go about it and make things better. Also, I don’t want to risk losing a friend like Natascha for anything, and if that means I have to part with this project, at least for a while, then I am more than happy to do so. 

This blog is a dream come true for both of us, and I know leaving it with Natascha for the time being means leaving it in the best possible hands. 

From now on, things will change a bit around here. Naturally, you will be hearing considerably less from me and a lot more from and about Natascha. That doesn’t mean, however, that I am completely out of the picture. I will stay involved as much as Natascha wants me to and help out wherever and whenever I can. I am also looking forward to many more incredible adventures, road trips, etc. with Natascha and I will happily be part of the content when she tells you all about it on the blog. After all, this is why we started this little place on the internet together: making the most of everything and having a great time exploring new, as well as familiar places.

Thank you for being so patient with us. I also want to say thank you to Natascha for being so patient with me and for offering and being willing to taking over the blog in the mean time. She has been the heart and soul of this project and I know that she will take such good care of it.

What a ride it has been! Thank you so much and I’ll see you all at some point again, I promise!

- Sophie

I’m going to keep it short for this post, because I feel like it is Sophie’s blogpost, and this is her time to talk about it. I’m sad that things are changing now, but I completely understand her. I felt that she has not been comfortable for a while and I tried to include her in other ways, but not knowing the exact reasons made it very difficult and sometimes you just have to accept how it is. When she told me she decided to leave, I could feel how relieved she was in that moment to be able to finally talk about it and even though it now feels strange to continue a project alone, that we originally started together, we both know it’s for the best. For me, it was important to make sure she leaves on her terms and, of course, she’ll be somehow included as well in the future, may it be through helping me with background work, or may it be by writing some guest blogposts from time to time (I mean we’re heading to London and western America together very soon – so don’t worry, our plans haven’t changed a single bit!). Who knows what the future holds and what everything will look like in a few months or years.

Once again, I have to thank her for giving me the opportunity of starting a project like this, as I know I would never have started anything like that on my own and knowing I can always turn to her for advice or help gives me a feeling of security! This whole blog has become like a child to me and I know she’ll be of great help raising it in the future as well!

- Natascha