Blog Launch Brunch


A few days before officially launching our blog, we decided to have brunch together with friends to discuss the final details. We planned on going to a lovely breakfast spot very close to Innsbruck but had to change plans as they were closed for holidays. Even though we love going out for breakfast or brunch, sometimes it's a nice idea to stay at home and prepare the food yourself, so we opted for that instead. Also, it's a lot better for the budget to sometimes stay at home. 



So, on a Saturday morning we went to buy some bread and delicious pastries from a local bakery, picked up our friends and then headed home. Luckily, Sophie's brother Julius was already preparing omelettes with salmon when we arrived and offered to make some for us as well. They tasted even better than they looked! 


This being said, we spent a very relaxed morning together, discussing the details of our blog launch over some tea, studying for university, watching some funny videos on YouTube and talking about all of the things going on in our lives at the moment. Of course, “mornings” like this do not end before approximately 3 pm. Our friends were of great help to us when it came to perfecting the last details for Alps and Abroad. If you are a little stuck with something, there's nothing better than an outside opinion.


As we were talking about all things blog and also enjoying the food, we thought about creating a little series on Alps and Abroad, where we could share all of our favourite breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner spots with you. If that’s something you are interested in, let us know in the comments down below. Also, tell us if you know any great restaurants or cafes we should check out, cause we are always looking to discover new places.