Streetfood Festival Innsbruck


The Streetfood Festival is an event that takes place approximately once or twice a year in Innsbruck. This year it has been on the first weekend of October (5.-7. October 2018) and obviously it is a great idea to reward yourself with amazing food after having survived the first week of university.


So, on Saturday, we went to the festival for lunch and had - no kidding - the BEST BURGER EVER! It was called 'Istrian Nonno' and was an unbelievable calorie bomb with mozzarella, truffle mayonnaise and prosciutto on top of a perfect patty with tomatoes and rocket salad. After strolling through the market for a bit, we then finally had some room left for dessert and bought "Apple Fries" with caramel sauce, ice cream and cream on top. We promise they taste way better than they look, but afterwards, you will be walking around with a food baby!


Of course, one day is way too short to taste all of the great food that is offered, so we came back Sunday evening. The main problem at the Streetfood Festival is always: you have way too much possibilities. Something new is waiting for you around every corner, from classic burgers and burritos to really exotic food, with unpronounceable names. We then opted for 'Pulled Pork' and 'Pulled Turkey' burgers. They were really good, but if you have ever tasted THE ONE BURGER it just feels like 'meh'. So after having burgers as a starter, it was the 'Istrian Nonno's' turn again as a main course ... And it tasted exactly as good as the day before! Somehow, even after already being full, we still managed to devour 'churros' and 'crepe' for dessert.


Even after two days of eating twice of our usual daily calorie intake, we still haven't tried out nearly enough at the Streetfood Festival. However, we definitely recommend the festival to anyone who wants to try out exotic food, as well as classic American burgers. Also, the vendors are really friendly, so if you have any concerns or are simply picky, it is no problem at all to change the food so you will definitely enjoy it. We will definitely come back next time the festival takes place in Innsbruck.

A small tip when being on a budget: bring your own drink. Even though the prices were better than the last years we suggest bringing your own drink and then treating yourself to a cider or a fancy lemonade, but buying all of your drinks at the festival might hurt your bank account quite badly.